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Difference Is Normal

from the wise and well-informed fattest

(This video has subtitles in English that I don't have a way of transcribing... it shows a series of people with varying physical and mental challenges and says they're not to be pitied, difference is normal. The ironic lack of access is not lost on me.)


Even in the depths of protracted flu-like illness, there lays within each of us the strength to stretch out a trembling hand, grip a tiny phillips head screwdriver, and build a "Robug".

You go, Beetle! (And she's better now. Phew!)

Financial decisions that make themselves

Although I had socked away $500 for the professional organizers' conference in Orlando next month, finding out the hotel room is $200 a night for three nights made the decision for me. It's fine: I already sent the $500 off to my credit card and another bill. Money does not get dusty around here. :)

The Beetle is home sick today, and so I'm tending to her sweaty form, and making her read books about robots for her science fair, because I'm an animal. Please know, I listened to four hours of "Oliver" wafting from her room, then opened a can of chicken soup and microwaved it for her before I made her work.

I'm also conquering hideous items on my to-do list, like calling the insurance guy and asking why I'm still getting collections notices from the hospital. Oh, that reminds me, have to call another insurance guy to ask why I haven't gotten the estimate for what they'll pay to fix last week's car accident damage. I'm off to make that call!

Don't envy me.
If you've ever heard me complain about anything, it may well have been my kitchen ceiling. It was aesthetically loathsome to me, so I made it even more so by ripping down a dropped ceiling, then taking a looong time to get a new one up. But, thanks to my brother Joe and other forces for good, it has been completed, and I painted it over the past week, and except for some manner of specialty switch plate cover I need to hunt and gather, it is a joy and a delicious slice of completion in my life. The pictures are dull, but I'm posting them anyway.
Kitchen Ceiling Befores and AftersCollapse )

On a different note, although my weight loss is much slower now, it continues, and apparently my body responded well to running up and down a ladder for two weeks. I lost about 7 pounds during that time period, and as of this morning I'm 238.8, or over 183 pounds down. My shoulder area is getting pokier, and my ass is getting, well, lower. I bought my first white bra today in about a million years, because I'm actually wearing shirts that are of a color that the black ones show through. And since I'm not Sandra Bernhardt/Madonna, and this isn't 1985, we're not going to that place anymore.

Having a great day

I'm just reporting in to say that I'm having an awesome day. I got some nice cuddle time in with the kid this morning, then I buckled down and have gotten all this work done (including a new book review up at my org site: http://www.mmartone.com/?page=1). I've figured out my scanner so it's not a psyche out obstacle any more (I know, duh). I'm making a systematic file of all my blog entry ideas for work, and I have some good leads on computer backup strategies (thanks, ironman!), which has been preying on me.

::runs to kitchen::

And despite the fact that I just spaced out a pot of pudding on the stove which led to a bit of a moment right there, I'm still happy. I'm also on my fourth John Lee Hooker CD in a row, which has got to be facilitating the righteousness.

Hope you all are enjoying your days, vacation-y or not.

Mac users... help!

So here I am, being a responsible home office type and realizing that my random and infrequent stabs at backup are inefficient at best, and a prescription for heartache at worst. My dream would be to backup my files offsite, and the types of files most critical to backup are my photos (can't find the gigs, but 8137 pix), my music (over 63 gigs), and my work files (not so much, but increasing numbers of Excel files).

I'm seeing Crashplan: http://www6.crashplan.com/consumer/features-compare.html

and Backjack, which seems prohibitively expensive, considering how much music I have: http://www.backjack.com/faqs.html

I'm suspicious of free plans (should I be?), and I'm willing to pay, but I really can't afford $1000 bucks a year because I can't stop taking pictures of weird things.

Anybody have any advice?

Shocking news: I still exist.

Apparently, when I'm not being forced by "the man" to sit in front of a computer all day, I only sit in front of a computer the bare minimum of time it takes me to make sure I haven't missed an important email. I've been skimming Facebook and LJ, but the absence of forced desk time has really cut into my reflective ramblings. I'm quite sure you miss all of that.

So what's been filling my days? Oddly, work. I've been getting a slow but steady stream of organizing gigs, and I think the people at the thrift store where I bring most of the donations are beginning to view me as their cash cow. I deeply enjoy my days of sitting with people and helping them sort their physical (and sometimes their internal) stuff. I also enjoy a much more physical relationship with the work than I had in years past: I can really heave the stuff around and go up and down stairs with much more enthusiasm, and fewer thoughts of imminent death than I did 175 pounds ago.

On the weight front, I've stalled a bit, but that's cool. A friend and I are scheming on some means of motivation. I'm not gaining; I could just be making more healthful choices. I need to stay more present with my food choices even when I'm busy or running late. I'm not living the same "bring a lunch to the office" lifestyle, so I need to re-imagine the strategy. That said, I'm also not snacking all day in front of the computer, but I do eat when I drive distances/when I'm driving tired. Maybe I should just make a No Car Eating rule. Hmm.

When I'm not working, I'm doing my roughly-8-hours-a-week vollie gig in the ESOL program. That continues to challenge me, because it's not something I've done before. I'm freshly embarrassed that I only speak one language. Granted, I speak it a lot, but that's not the same.

The Beetle and I went to DC for the inauguration. Hopefully, time will blur the memories of how cold it was, and leave her with the sense of importance of having witnessed history.

Tired of important, quality photos of the inauguration? Step right up.Collapse )

Besides that wee trip, it's been ordinary. I've made some changes to my office that have made it a little tackier, but more conducive to business (curtains across the open shelves, because the contents were so visually distracting). Been sneaking in a few books lately; mostly YA. Until today I thought I'd never see my driveway again, but there's been a minor thaw, and I spy bits of pavement. I haven't made any exciting new recipes lately, but I've been hankering for lamb, so once we've eaten down the freezer, I'm going shopping. Of course we'll have to eat those "Buy One Get Two Free" kielbasas first. The kids are all well, and I'm grateful for each day I get with them. The Beetle came back tonight from a day out with two yarmulkes on: I'm not sure what that means.

And that's me in a nutshell.


Oh... and I'm on Facebook now, although I'm not a big poster. I'm just there under my real name and there's a picture, so I'm easy to find. Add me if you wish. :)

Two notes

I'm working at being a good worker from home. Staying focused.

That said, I'm also pumping through some laundry, and this morning I actually had an entire load of "pinks."

Bad photos ahead

I didn't take many pictures over the holidays, because I'm working on enjoying the moment instead of documenting it. Plus, my neph, J., took a bunch of family photos, so hopefully I'll have access to those. That said, there were a few things I thought I'd share.

Stockings, a statue, and a shitzuCollapse )


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